Tag lists help you order your work into clean, logical categories for easy billing and project management. We've put together a few suggestions to help simplify your reporting and analysis.

See time spent by activity

Set up a tag list called 'Activities', and add tags for each activity within a project:

Once people start logging time to these tags, you'll get a neat breakdown of where your team spends its time from your Reports page:

See time spent by project stage

Set up a tag list called 'Phase' and add your project stages as tags: 

Set up administrative tags

Setting up administrative projects is the best way to manage all employee activity unrelated to external Clients and Projects. Setting up admin tags allows you to manage vacation and sick leave in Timely.

See time spent by location

If you often work on-the-go, it might be helpful to set up a tag list with the various locations of work:

Tags can be set up in endless way to best suit your needs. If you've found any other useful ways to use tags which could help others, we'd love to hear about them!

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