Step 1: Set up a free Zapier account and add Timely Zap to it.

When you've set up an account, go to this link to accept the invite to our Zapier app.

Step 2: Set up a Google Sheet spreadsheet with some rows: 

Here's an example of how it could look:

Step 3: Create a new Zap

Choose your Google Sheets Triggers: 

Follow the instructions to connect your Timely account to Zapier:

Make sure you choose the right Timely account on the next step:

Take a look at the samples and pick one to test the zap:

Now, add your Google account and choose the spreadsheet you created in step 2:

Use the dropdowns on the hours, name, project and date field to choose the corresponding values coming from Timely. Here's how it should look:

Now test and make sure it works:

Click "Finish", go to your spreadsheet and you'll see the data start to appear there:

Make sure you turn on the Zap:

From now on, every time a new timesheet entry is created on the account you chose, the spreadsheet will be updated with new rows.

Note: The Zapier Free and Basic plan only runs Zaps every 15 minutes, so your spreadsheet won't update in real-time.

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