To get started, first you’ll need to create a Zapier account. Once that’s done, follow this link to join the beta.

With that all set-up, you can now focus on getting everything ready to export your timesheets. 📥

First, create a Google sheet that will house the exported entries. Here's an example of how it could look:

Head back to Zapier and set up your zap by:

1. Choosing your triggers

2. Connecting your Timely account with Zapier [Screenshot]

3. Testing your zap [Screenshot]

4. Adding your Google Sheet account and the specific Google sheet you created previously [Screenshot]

5. Match the values from Timely to the columns named in the Google sheet [Screenshot]

6. Send some test data via the zap to your sheet

7. Click “Finish” to view your data on your sheet

8. Make sure to turn the zap “On”!

From now on, every time a new timesheet entry is created on the account you chose, the spreadsheet will be updated with new rows.

Note: The Zapier Free and Starter plans only run Zaps every 15 minutes, so your spreadsheet won't update in real time.

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