Planned Time (chequered color) is the time you think you'll need to complete a scheduled task. 

Logged Time (solid color) is the actual amount of time you end up spending on the task. 

You can use the Planned Time feature to schedule your day or week, and anticipate how long it will take you to complete all your tasks. 

Your total weekly logged and planned time can be found at the top of your calendar in Week view.

How do I add a Planned Time entry?

Just create a time entry and simply click "Plan time", then enter your planned hours and save. 

How do I change my Planned Time to Logged Hours?

Once you've completed a task, you can change your planned time entry to a logged one. Just select it and click the Brain icon to open you Memory timeline. From here, you can select the tracked memories related to the task, add notes and tasks, then save. 

You can also manually enter your time in the Logged Time field on the entry.

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