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A timesheet in Timely is where you plan, log and view time entries for all your work. You can switch between three different timesheet views, depending on what you want to see: Day, Week or Month.

Timesheet in Hours > Week / Calendar View

The Week view is probably the one you'll use the most. It lets you see logged and planned hours for your current week. You can also use the date selector in the top left to jump to a previous week's timesheet.

Timesheet in Hours > Day / Memory Timeline

The Day view is an excellent way to isolate your logged and planned time view for the day. 

If you've downloaded Memory to track your work automatically, this is where you'll find your private Timeline of "memories". It's an accurate history of everything you did on a specific day. 

Your tracked memories won't appear on your timesheet unless you log them as entries. Use the Timeline and List views to review them, then click on one to log it to your public timesheet. (More on how to do that here). 

Timesheet in Hours > Month View

Month view is an excellent way to review you logging activity across several weeks. You'll see your total logged and planned hours, and the money you've made for the month. It's ideal for checking you're on-track to hit your growth goals. 

Haven't installed Memory yet? 

What are you waiting for?! Install Memory for Mac or Windows to make creating your Timesheets a breeze 🌬️

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