To be able to present the data, we have to be able to access it. It has to be accessible in order to run our algorithm to do analysis for grouping your work and to remove the things that are simply noise. 

So in theory, the most senior developers on our team do have access if they opened the database directly and dug deep. However, we do not allow that. There are several processes in place internally at Timely to prevent any kind of spying or looking through data without a specific reason.

This is your private data and we intend to keep it that way.

Does Memory have full access to my computer?

Memory apps for macOS or Windows do not have full access to everything that is going on inside your computer. It only sends basic information about the applications you are using. 

See what is captured by Memory for more details.

Also note that:

  • Memory does not capture information about websites when viewed in Google Chrome's private/incognito mode.

  • You can disable Memory at any time by clicking the brain icon and toggling the button:

What is captured by Memory?
Can my boss or colleague see my data?
Is my data safe?

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