Plan: Company, Professional, all team plans
Access: Admin, Manager, Team Lead

The Control feature is a great place to easily and quickly see who's been awesome at logging hours and who's lagging behind. It helps team leads maintain control over their team and ensure everything's running smoothly from one place. Just set a target weekly total for the hours your team needs to log and see who meets their goal on time!

Who can use the Control page?

Users with Admin and Manager access levels on the Company and Enterprise plans can see the Control feature.

How do I use it?

Set  your work week capacity

Head to Settings > Global to set your weekly user capacity, which represents the total number of hours they work in a week. Timely divides this by five for you to provide their daily hours total.

All logged hours show a color status: Solid green, Light green, and Red. These help you quickly see whether hours have been logged or not.

Complete hours:

  • Solid Green: The total logged or planned hours have met the set hour threshold. i.e. if your weekly work week is set to 40 hours, your daily threshold will be 8 hours per day. 

Incomplete hours:

  • Light Green: If the total hours logged or planned for that day are under that threshold.

  • Red: shows when a user hasn't logged any hours at all.

Choose a timeframe

Use the drop-down to choose a Weekly or Monthly view option. Scroll to select the dates you’d like to view. 

Viewing logged hours 

You can verify the specific projects a user is working on by clicking the coloured hours box on a given day. Select an individual logged time period to see the exact logged time entry. 

You can also review a user's weekly calendar by clicking on “See Full Week”. Here, you’ll be able to see their planned time entries as well! 

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