Automatic time tracking isn’t just about streamlining workflows and billing clients accurately for all your work. It also gives you a more concrete idea of how you and your employees spend time to ensure a happier crew and healthier workload. Now, that’s a win-win.

Thanks to Timely’s Individual User page, getting those insights is as easy as pie.


Click an employee from the People tab to redirect to their Individual User page. At the top of the page you’ll see their user name, user level and any teams they’re assigned to:

The “Edit User” button directs you to user permissions where you can: add/remove them from a project or team, adjust their hourly rates and change their user access level.

You’ll also be able to quickly filter and scan their logged hours, capacity and billable/non-billable hours:

Further down, you can see their activities, including any logging anomalies if you have access to that feature on your workspace.


While scrolling through a user’s calendar to see their logged entries is great fun, it doesn’t give you any real insight into what you’re looking at. Thankfully, the Timesheets tab lets you review an employee’s logged and planned time entries in context. 

The Timesheets tab is a quick way to gather all the individual entries for an employee over a specific period of time. Here you can filter by an entry’s status (either billed or unbilled), the project it was logged to and the tags that were used:

The Timesheets tab is also a great spot to mark hours as “Billed” without having to create a report or go to an individual project. Here’s a helpful guide for marking hours as “Billed”...or “Unbilled,” in case you made a mistake! Nothing is permanent...except delete. Once you delete something in Timely, it’s gone.

Note: Once hours are marked as “Billed” they cannot be changed by Manager and Employee level users; only account Admins are able to adjust them.


Just remembered you needed someone to block out time for a project later this week? For workspaces with access to Planning, you can plan time for team members right from their Individual User page, instead of switching over to the Planning page:

Note: On 1st July 2021 we will be retiring Planning beta and introducing planned time to your workspace. On that date, any planning drafts you’ve created in your Planning tab will be automatically converted into planned time entries on your Hours page. If you want to make the switch now, please reach out to [email protected].


Whether it’s visualizing info for a performance review or gathering together your logged hours before meeting with a client, Timely makes it easy to grab the data you need and create reports that are rich and compelling. The Report tab lets you pull and filter information about the logged hours, projects and tags for a specific employee. Send this information to the Reports Page in Timely to add additional charts, filters and customizations, and share the report with whoever needs the data:

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