Timely's sharable public reports let you send beautiful updates to clients and colleagues, as well as helping you extract your Timely data for your own records. So it makes sense they can also be exported to suit different needs as Excel, PDF and CSV files. Here's how to go about exporting! 📁  

Create a Report

From the Reports page, create a report template and select your desired filters from the top of the page. Once you've set your preferences and saved your template, click the 'Share/Export' option, followed by 'Export' from the dropdown. 

Before selecting your preferred file format, you need to select/deselect the columns you want to include in the report. 

If you created a Public/Shared Report from the same template, the options you selected on the individual report charts (Clients, Projects, Users, etc) will not be applied to the exported reports. For example, if you do not want to see planned time on your exported reports, remember to deselect this from the 'Export' drop-down.

Export your Report

Once you've made your column selections, choose the file format you want (Excel, PDF or CSV) and save your report to your desktop. 

Note: If Timely thinks the report is too large to directly download, it will send it to your Timely-registered email address within a few minutes. You'll see this notification:

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