Just updated to Mojave or Catalina and found that Memory has suddenly stopped working? It's time to take a trip to your System Preferences! ⚙️

Memory works on everything from High Sierra upwards. However, for macOS 10.14 and above, you need to grant Memory Accessibility permissions to let it read window titles. Without this permission, it can't automatically capture everything you work on.

What to do after updating your Mac

You'll get a popup that looks like this, and you need to hit "OK" in order for Memory to continue working:

If you hit "Don't Allow" by mistake, you can remedy this by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy:

Then click "Automation" in the left pane, and check the unchecked applications under "Memory": 

In order to make sure window titles of applications are captured by Memory, you may also need to make sure Memory is selected within "Accessibility" as well:

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