Report Templates in Timely are a must-have, especially if you use recurring reports that are sent out every week, month, or even year! Templates will be your go-to destination for quickly accessing and sharing any report!

Create a New Report Template

Report Templates can be found at the top of your Report page. 

Create your new template from scratch by clicking on the green "New Template" button.

Reports in Timely are made up of both Filters and Charts. Filters select the data groups which your charts will display.

Filters (Add or Edit)

Located in the upper-right-hand corner, Filters include these five main inputs:

  1. Timeframe: select a time period for your report. You can drill down to a day or week, select an entire month, or apply any custom date range you feel like.
  2. Users: Want a report for a single user, a section of the team, or everyone? Just check the users you want to include from the drop-down menu on the left.
  3. Clients and Projects: Choose whether or not all logged hours or only hours logged under a certain client or project should be reported. *TIP: Use the search field to quickly find the client or project you need to report on.
  4. Tags: Select different tags to see where you've been allocating your time. Read more on how to create tags
  5. Billed or Unbilled hours: choose to include billed or unbilled hours only, or both together. Read more about Marking hours Billed.

Charts (Add or Edit)

Charts help you visualize your report and let you quickly understand how employees and teams are doing during a given timeframe. Timely charts are made up of six different categories:

  1. Hours Graph: A line graph of either logged hours, logged money, or both.
  2. Clients & Projects: Totals of selected columns, with individual user details below.
  3. Clients: Bar graph per client and selected column totals.
  4. Projects: Bar graph per project, individual hour details, and selected column totals.
  5. Users: Bar graph per user, individual hour breakdown, and selected column totals.
  6. Tags: Bar graph per tag, individual user breakdown, and selected column totals.

Columns: Customize the columns you want to add to a chart by heading to its "Options" menu. Choices include: Logged Hours, Logged Money, Planned hours, Planned Money, Billed status.

All selected columns can be filtered numerically and alphabetically.

Saving a Template

Once you've applied your filters and added all the widgets you want for your recurring report, go ahead and save your template for future use! Simply click "Create Template" in the top-right corner.

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