Plan: Essential, Company, Growth
Access: Admin, Manager, Team Lead

Company view provides a bird's-eye look at the logged and planned hours for your whole team and enables you to schedule their time. Week-by-week or day-to-day, you can plan what your team should spend their time on, see when a team member is away from the office, or just understand what everyone's currently working on.

From the Hours > Week view, switch between Solo calendar or Company view. You can also access another user's calendar view by selecting from the Solo > Name drop-down.

In Company view, filter by User or Team from the drop-down. 

From here, plan the hours you want your team to focus on or log hours for other users on your account. These will instantly appear on the user's calendar on the Hours > Week view page! 

From the People page, use the Control feature to track all employee hours and the Capacity feature to see who has time to jump in and help on projects!

Adding new users
Inviting users to a project
The People page

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