Timely is known for its awesome automatic time tracking, but you can also log your hours manually. Here's how to create a simple time entry. 

Creating a manual time entry

In Hours, just click the "+/New Entry" button on your timesheet to launch the Hour Editor.

Then, follow these 4 steps to complete your entry: 

  1. Select a Project
  2. Add your Notes and Choose Tags
  3. Input the time you want to log manually in the Logged Time Field. To log automatically tracked activities from your Memory Timeline, click the Brain icon
  4. Hit Save! Super fast and easy 🚀

Using the timer

To log time with the Timer, follow steps 1 and 2 above. After choosing your Tags, click on the 'Timer' button to start counting. Hit 'Pause' when you need a break and 'Save' when you're finished.

In the Hour Editor, you can copy or move time entries to another date, add timestamps to it, and delete your entry.

Note: You can also create planned time to schedule work ahead.

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