Changing Workspace Settings

Click on the Settings icon to access the Workspace Settings page. This page is only accessible to those who have an Admin user level.

Name of workspace: 

This is the name of your company. This is not the name of the client you're doing work for. For info on where to add clients, check out our Client article.

Start of the week:

This applied to Sunday and Monday only. As most companies start their days on Sunday or Monday, all other days (Tuesday - Saturday) are not supported.


Choose whichever currency you use in your country. 

You cannot generate invoices with a different currency, if you would like to do so you will need to come back to this page and adjust your currency to report in a different currency.

Weekly user capacity:
Set the minimum hours required for a complete work week at your company. This will be applied to the Control and Capacity features on the People page. 


Customize your account by adding a logo. This will appear in the upper left-hand corner of your account for all users. 

Change account ownership: 

If you are the owner of the Timely account - if you were the initial user - you can transfer ownership to another person on your account.

Scroll to the bottom on the Workspace settings page, select the new account owner from the dropdown and update! 

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