Your trial period has ended and you can't imagine going back to manual time tracking ever again. 💃 🌟 We know the feeling... Thankfully, it only takes a few seconds to find and subscribe to the right Timely plan for you.

To get started, click the Settings icon on the left side navigation bar, and choose Subscriptions. You'll end up right here:

  1. Choose your billing cycle option - Monthly or Yearly (save 10% with Yearly!)
  2. Select your plan. For each, you can see how much you'll pay based on the number of active users on your account. 

Then hit 'Proceed to Payment' and add your payment details: 

And click the green 'Pay $xx' button to initiate payment. 

You'll know the request was successfully processed when you've been redirected to the Subscriptions page. From here, you can review you account status, update payment and invoice details, and access your payment history. 

Need help navigating Timely? Check out our help articles and video guides at If you don't find what you're looking for, you can also reach out to Support anytime using your in-app chat bubble.

Happy time tracking!

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