Changing circumstances may oblige you to take a temporary break from time tracking. We totally understand! You can cancel your Timely subscription at any time, then pick up your data — Clients, Projects, Logged Activity — when you're ready to track time again. 

Admin users can cancel the account subscription on the “Subscriptions” tab in Settings. Scroll down past the Payment History section to find the “Cancel Subscription” button:

Depending on the size of your team, you’ll either be asked to complete a survey or schedule a call with our Sales team. We won’t stop you from canceling your subscription—we just want to get an idea of what happened while you were using Timely and what we could do better in the future:

Confirm your cancellation (or go back if you've changed your mind) and you're all set!

You’ll then be taken back to Subscriptions > Settings with a confirmation that your subscription is set to expire at the end of your current subscription period. If you’d like to give Timely another try, you can click “Set up payments” to re-enter your payment details, select a new plan and get your subscription going again:

Other questions

I canceled my subscription but I can still log into Timely. Why? 

When you cancel your subscription, your data remains in Timely so you can come back and track time again at a later date. Follow these steps to delete your account and permanently remove your data. 

Why can I still track time and log hours after canceling my subscription? 

When you cancel, you can continue to use your account for the remainder of the period you have paid for. At the end of your billing period, your subscription will not renew (you will not be charged), and your account will be deactivated.

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