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User Access Level: Admin, Normal & Limited with 'See Rates' option

Creating a Team in Timely makes it easier to manage and report on a specific group of users. Instead of trying to remember which users belong to which projects or departments, Admin and Normal level users can simply select a team name to view team data from one place.  

But you can also enable Limited users to manage people in Timely without giving them full access to account-wide data. Simply assign them a Team Lead role!

How it works

When creating or editing a team, Admin and Normal level users can assign one or more users as a Team Lead. This will allow them to view and report on all logging activity for the teams they lead.

Assign a Team Lead

Head to the People page and go to Manage Teams.

Select the team you want to add a Team Lead to.

In the Team Lead section, choose your user(s) and Save. You can always edit or remove Team Leads from your teams, as needed. 

Normal and Admin users assigned as Team Lead can access all permissions associated with their user role, which includes seeing the activity of all users in Timely.

Limited users assigned as Team Leads can:

  • Access data for their team on the People page
  • View all logged and planned hours for members of their team in Hours and Company view
  • Report on their team's activities
  • Send reminders for their team to log hours

Limited users assigned as Teams leads cannot:

  • Create new projects
  • Log and plan hours for team members
  • View project status for projects they are not part of
  • See logged money for users with hidden rates
  • Invite new users to Timely

Learn more about tracking time with your team and reporting on their activities at our Help Center. 

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