Searching for a new playlist is an important part of getting work done 🎵, but you probably don't want to log this type of task to a project... 

Ignoring inconsequential memories is the best way to clear up all the small tasks that don't really belong anywhere. By doing so, you'll also train Memory AI in the process – telling it which activities are unimportant or irrelevant to project work. 

The 3 different states of memories

You can find and manage your memories from your Memory Inbox (tap the brain icon on mobile). From here, your memories are grouped into three categories: 

Unlogged - A memory is unlogged by default until you link it to a project or ignore it. 

Unlogged memories require an action. To teach Memory AI about your logging habits, you need to link unlogged memories to projects, and save the draft it creates to log memories to your time sheet.

Once you've started linking unlogged memories to projects, you'll soon start to receive draft suggestions from Timely's AI, which automates the linking job for you.

Logged - logged memories are those you've linked to a project. Linked memories generate entry drafts, which you need to review and approve. Every edit you make trains your AI in the process.

Ignored - ignored memories are those you do not want to link to a project or log to your timesheet.   

Ignoring a memory is like logging it to a hidden project. It's super useful for memories that are not relevant to your work or reporting.

How to ignore a memory

From List or Timeline view, select the relevant memory and hit ignore. It will no longer be listed as an unlogged memory. 

View your ignored memories using the dropdown filter in the Memory Inbox. If you've made a mistake, hover over the memory and hit 'Restore' to move it back to your unlogged list. 

What is the difference between deleting and ignoring memories?

Deleting a memory removes it from your Memory Inbox permanently. 

Ignoring a memory teaches the AI that this memory is unimportant and is not linked to a project you want to log time against.

Memories are private and cannot be viewed by anyone on your account. We recommend ignoring a memory to ensure that you can access it again in the future.

What happens when I ignore a memory from a draft or logged entry?

Ignoring a memory from a draft or logged entry will move it to the Ignored list in your Memory Inbox. 

If you just want to remove a memory from a draft or entry, the 'Ignore' action is not appropriate. Instead, just click the event to unlink it. This will move that memory to the unlogged group so you can link it to a different project. 

Similarly, you can add an unlogged memory to an entry by clicking on it from the list of memories on the righthand side of the entry window.

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