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The Memory Inbox is where all your automatically tracked data is stored. Everything is 100% private to you - only you can access your Memory Inbox

The time you spend on websites, emails and documents (to name a few) can all be found here in chronological sequence as 'Memories'. From here, you can select events and log time to projects in just a few clicks!

Navigate your Memory Inbox  📥

Hours > Day - Timeline: offers a visual overview of your day.

By clicking on a memory, you can find specific details about your tracked work activity – down to the app, active document, website and account you were using.

Hours > Day - List View: memories are grouped together by app or website.

Click open the arrow on the right-hand side of an event to view all related memories. 

The 3 different states of memories 🧠

You can find and manage your memories from your Memory Inbox (tap the brain icon on mobile). From here, your memories are grouped into three categories:

1. Unlogged
A memory is unlogged by default until you link it to a project or ignore it. 

Unlogged memories require an action. To teach Memory AI about your logging habits, you need to link unlogged memories to projects, and save the draft it creates to log memories to your time sheet.

Once you've started linking unlogged memories to projects, you'll soon start to receive draft suggestions from Timely's AI, which automates the linking job for you.

2. Logged
Logged memories are those you've linked to a project. Linked memories generate entry drafts, which you need to review and approve. Every edit you make trains your AI in the process.

3. Ignored
Ignored memories are those you do not want to link to a project or log to your timesheet.   

Ignoring a memory is like logging it to a hidden project. It's super useful for memories that are not relevant to your work or reporting. You can always restore an ignored memory to move it back to an unlogged state. 

Pro Tip: If you are unable to find a memory on your timeline, check that your unlogged and logged memories are selected.

Deleting a memory ⛔️

Deleting a memory will permanently remove it from your Memory Inbox - forever. 😱 We recommend ignoring a memory if it is not relevant to your work; this way you have the option to view or restore it later. 

Learn more about Memory AI and how to log hours directly from your Memory inbox.

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