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Keeping track of your team's hours is essential for expediting invoicing at end of the month. But it's also invaluable for keeping your team healthy, supported and effective.

Timely's People dashboard breaks down everything you need to know about your employees in one intelligent space, from individual capacity and overtime, to workload distribution and resource availability. 

No need to dig for your data - focus instead on scheduling resources, balancing workloads and protecting your team from burnout before it happens. 

How do I use it?

First, make sure you've set your global Weekly User Capacity within Timely by going to Settings > Workspace.

All logged hours show a color status: Solid green, Light green and Red. These help you quickly see whether hours have been logged or not.

Complete hours:

  • Solid Green: the total logged or planned hours have met or exceeded the set weekly capacity.

Incomplete hours:

  • Light Green: the total hours logged or planned for a day are below that threshold.
  • Red: 0 hours have been logged for a day.

Using the filter options, you'll be able to see specific users or teams as well as view 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-week periods across your whole account:

Missing hours 😴

Use this view to quickly identify users who haven't been logging their hours. Click to enter the number of hours you want to filter by and you'll see a list of users that haven't hit the mark: 

Notify Group 🔔

Click the bell icon to send notifications to individual users or click to notify all the users found in that search to log their hours (Business accounts only).

Overtime 🔥

Use this view to identify users who exceed their daily capacity on a regular basis. Click to enter the number of overtime hours you want to filter by and you'll see a list of users that may need support:

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