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Timely's drag-and-drop entry builder is the fastest way to create and edit time entries using the tracked activities (or memories) in your Memory Inbox. Who doesn't love a good drag and drop? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Logging Memories from Day view

Manage all logged and unlogged memories for your day in one place, using either the Timeline or List view. 

List view

  • Entries live in the left column, where you'll see a run-down of memories linked to different projects. 

  • Memory Inbox is found in the right column, where you can drag and drop your tracked memories to create and edit time entries.  

Create a new entry

  1. From Day > List View in your Memory Inbox, select your first memory and drop in the area on the left to create a new entry. Continue to add related memory events which belong to the same project.

  2. Select your Project

  3. Select tags 

  4. Add notes

  5. Save

Pro tip: Press 'Enter' to save - save time while saving your work! 

Update an existing entry

Drag and drop memories from your Inbox to an existing entry to add them to it. You'll see the time entry outlined in blue to show you which entry you're updating. While the total logged time will automatically update as you add memories, you'll need to click the brain icon to the right of the logged time options to update the time as you remove memories.

Note: Memories occurring within the same time period do not update the total logged time, to avoid double counting your work. This means if you're adding three memories you worked on between 11:00-12:00, accrued time will equal one hour (not three). 

Hide Memories from your entries

Clicking 'Hide Memories' will collapse your time entries to hide logged memories from your entries. You'll still be able to drag and drop unlogged memories to your entries when using this view. 

'Show Memories' does the exact opposite; expanding a time entry so you can review linked memories, and move any back to the unlogged list in your Memory Inbox. 

Day > Timeline View

If you prefer to log memories directly from your Timeline, click 'Create New Entry' to get started. 

To link memories to a project:

  1. Select your Project

  2. Link memories to the entry by clicking one or more events in the timeline

  3. Add tags and notes

  4. Save! 

Week View

Week view gives a beautiful visual overview of what you've logged and planned for the week. 

The brain icon in each column shows the number of unlogged memories for that day. Clicking the brain icon will redirect you to Day view where you'll be able to log your hours as shown above. 

AI Suggestions

You'll find all of the AI suggested entries that are ready for you to review in one box at the top of each day:

The goal is to link all your memories to a project, so you have zero unlogged events for the day. Then let your AI do the rest!

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