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Whether you're switching computers or need to take a break, uninstalling the Memory app from your Mac happens in a matter of clicks. You'll still be able to integrate apps to Timely, but are you really ready to say goodbye to automatically capturing your activities with Memory? ❤️

Uninstall Memory

Log out and quit Memory

Before you can uninstall Memory from your Mac, you need to log out and quit the application.

To log out from Memory, simply open Memory from your status bar, click on the cog wheel and press 'Log Out'. 

To quit the application, open Memory again, click on the cog wheel and press 'Quit'.

Uninstall Memory

After closing Memory, you can open your Application folder and move 'Memory' to the trash. 

This will uninstall the program from your Mac.

Note: Search for 'Memory' in Spotlight in you're unable to find the program in your applications folders. 

If you haven't removed the install file '', you'll need to delete this too. It will most likely be in your downloads folder. 

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