Remembering what you worked on last week to accurately log your time is an anxiety-inducing task. And, let's be real: despite organized calendar events and to-do lists, our days rarely pan out that neatly. With meetings, emails and deadlines approaching from all sides, flitting between projects and clients adds another layer of complexity into the mix. 

This is the problem Memory was designed to solve. It eliminates the inaccuracies and inefficiencies of manual tracking by automatically capturing everything you do on your computer throughout the day. Memory history is just the log of that activity; it's the sum of your desktop activities and integration events that you can access from your Memory Inbox.

Navigating your Memory Inbox

See your memories in Timeline or List view depending on your preference. From here, you can use your memories to log your hours accurately to your timesheet.  

Hours > Day > Timeline/List View

How far back can you view your past memories?

On all of our plans, there are no limitations to how far back in the past you can view your past memories! See everything you've worked on since you first installed Memory.

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