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Say you're about to send out a report to a client outlining all the incredible work you and your team have done for them, but you notice one entry that's missing some info. Potentially, you've been using one tag for a certain type of task but your team has made a change and now you need to update all past entries to make your hours consistent with the rest of your team's...

It sounds daunting, but instead of having to comb back through the days and weeks to find that needle in the haystack ー or identify bulk changes ー Timely makes it super easy to edit entries in situ within your reports! No hopping across pages to hunt down stray hours or painstakingly updating hundreds of entries; you can make those changes right there in the report in a matter of clicks. 🎯

Beyond filtering and formatting your data to visualize the hours you've logged in Timely, our reports also let you quickly make tweaks and changes along the way. Here are some common examples of what you can either change individually or in bulk from within a custom report:

Individual edits

Be it a description that doesn't quite fit or a tag you forgot to add, these quick changes are a snap from within reports. Just find the entry you need to update and click on the description to pull up the "Edit entry" window. From there, you can make any changes you need. 👍

You can update any field you would normally adjust when creating an entry; your changes will only be made to the specific entry you have selected.

Note: Keep in mind that if you delete an entry from a report, that entry will be removed from Timely as well.

As an Admin or Manager user, you can also edit hours for other members of your team.

Note: If you're not seeing info, such as the entry date or tags that may have already been applied, hover over the top-right corner of the chart to reveal "Options", and click to reveal a list of columns or details you can add to that chart.

Bulk edits

You can also make bulk changes within reports, which is especially useful for updating groups of entries with incorrect or missing tags. This really comes in handy if you've changed a process and need to update a ton of entries!

The way you pull up the entries you want to edit will depend on the way they're grouped. There is an "All untagged" preset within your filters which lets you search for all untagged entries. If you need to narrow things down, you can also search for entries against these Timely properties:

  • Clients & Projects

  • Users

  • Tags

  • Projects Only

  • Clients Only

You can either click on entries individually or filter by user, project or tag name to select a group of entries. Once the necessary entries have been selected in your report, click the "Update tags" button, search for the tag that needs to be added and click the green "Update" button to finish. This will replace all selected entries with the new tags; existing tags on the entries will be replaced.

Here's how that looks in action:

If you need to update the status of hours as either Billed or Unbillled, you can use the same steps to group your entries. Either narrow them down using the chart options above, or filter all entries within a timeframe by "Billed Only" or "Unbilled Only".

From there, click either "Billed" or "Unbilled" to make your changes, then click "Update" to finish:

No need to sweat getting those hours updated ー Timely's got your back! 🙌

Pro Tip: Feel free to create a custom report to pinpoint the entries you want to update or edit! It can be more efficient than editing an existing report, or building a new one from scratch each time you want to make these kinds of changes.

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