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Whoops! You forgot to log a meeting on a timesheet you created a few months ago — not a big deal, but it needs to be fixed. Now, imagine the horror of wading through the HR archives to try and find it. 😱

With Timely, gone are the days of sifting through filing cabinets for a timesheet you submitted six months ago. The digital age is here and those hours are now only a few clicks away. Not only can you quickly locate it, you can also rearrange the order of your entries, and delete or copy them from one day to another. 

With options to view past entries by day, week or month, there's no more looking for the needle in the haystack. Just lightning-fast navigation, whether you want a macro or micro view. ⚡️🕵️

Just head to the Hours page and select the timeframe you need to see:

If you're not sure where your timesheet gaps are, you can also click retrospectively between days, weeks or entire months to pin down the specific date or dates you're looking for:

Bang — you've made your changes in a flash. 💥

Note: If multiple entries need your attention, we recommend running a report to gather and review them in bulk.

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