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Part of what makes Memory AI unique is the input it receives from you. As a way to help you better understand the interaction between the memories you log and how Memory AI works behind the scenes, we've introduced an interactive way to teach the AI what memories belong to what projects. By beefing up the AI's understanding of your logging habits, the draft entries it creates will become more and more accurate. Think of it as laying in a course for auto-pilot: punch in those coordinates, sit back and enjoy the ride! 🚀

Teach your AI

As long as the "Create AI drafts" feature is on, you can click on the status bar next to the Memory icon to check your AI score, which rates the health of your AI on a scale of 0-5. To ensure your AI has the information it needs to make accurate suggestions and draft your timesheet for you, the score should be as close to 5 as possible.

Depending on your score, you'll see a message from Memory letting you know if you're on track or if the AI could use your help:

You can train the AI at any point just by reviewing memories on your timeline and making sure they're associated with the correct projects. During training mode, you can create new projects, search through all of your active projects, ignore memories or skip the memories you don't want your AI to include:

While you can exit the training at any point, your progress up to that point won't be saved, so we always recommend completing a set training course.

Note: Keep in mind that training only lets the AI know what projects certain memories belong to. In order to create drafts, you'll have to do so by logging your time using memories.

Reset your model

If your logging patterns or the way you use Timely has changed, you also have the option to reset your AI model from scratch. Click the "Reset" button then confirm "Reset Training" to remove any learned behaviors and restart your AI's training afresh.

Note: Hitting reset will fully delete the previous model, so any patterns Memory AI established will be gone forever. 💨

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