When you first sign into Dewo, you’ll find your Assistant waiting for you — ready to help you do more deep work! Let’s quickly breakdown what you’ll see and what that information means.

1. Dewo Session

Use this to start and end a Dewo Session manually, or review stats for a session Dewo has automatically toggled. Dewo will list the apps it’s silencing and the running duration of your session.

We thoroughly recommend letting Dewo’s AI automatically start Dewo Sessions for you, but you snooze or disable this functionality from the dropdown. You can also control this from ‘Automations’ in Settings.

2. Meeting Scheduler

Instead of poring over your teammates’ calendars trying to find a divine intersection of free time, leave it to Dewo! Providing your colleagues have signed up, Dewo will compare all your calendars and deep work patterns to find a time that works for everyone. Just make sure you’ve connected your Calendar in Settings.

While you can get a lot out of Dewo on your own, it works even better with a team — particularly when it comes to reducing disruptive meetings! Invite your colleagues to join Dewo for a more focused working week.

3. Meeting Updates

Within your Feed, you’ll get updates about upcoming meetings you’ve scheduled through Dewo. Once Dewo has figured out the best time for all attendees, you can click into the notification in your Feed to get more information on when the meeting will be.

4. Meetings This Week

By looking at your calendar, Dewo can identify your prime periods for deep work to help you create an effective weekly work schedule. These stats will update throughout the course of your week, so you can monitor any changes in your productive capacity.

5. Meetings Today

Hate it when you’re deep in your flow and a low-priority meeting you’d forgotten about pulls you straight back out of it? With Dewo, this is a thing of the past. In a few clicks, you can flexibly reschedule meetings that conflict with your daily deep work plans. Since Dewo looks at your patterns as well as your calendar, all you need to do is select when a meeting should take place — like “tomorrow” or “this week” — and Dewo will make a recommendation for you.

6. Meetings Next Week

Much like “Meetings This Week”, Dewo puts you in pole position for the week ahead by showing you where your biggest pockets of deep work lie. Without breaking out the calendar, you’ll know precisely when you’ll be able to dive headlong into whatever needs your focus.

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