Effective planning is the backbone of deep work. Aside from just protecting space for deep thinking, it helps you become more intentional about your time and what you want to achieve.

Dewo’s Meeting Scheduler uses this approach to reduce the productive cost of daily synchronous communication. Beyond simply identifying empty slots on your calendar, it uses AI to suggest times with a minimal impact on everyone's deep work. By considering your team’s productive patterns and calendar distributions, Dewo schedules meetings to help everyone work smarter.

To get started, just click “New meeting…” and select the people you want in your meeting. From there, add the title and duration of the meeting that will appear on your calendars.

You’ll then get a series of time options for scheduling the meeting:

  • Tomorrow

  • This week

  • Next week

  • Next 30 days

  • Next 60 days

  • Custom

Select your preference and click “Create Meeting” when you’re ready. Dewo will then get to work! Once it’s found a time that works for everyone, you’ll see the newly scheduled meeting in your feed, or as a push notification on your mobile device.

Note: All meetings scheduled via Dewo or Google Calendar can also be rescheduled through the tool.

While you can get a lot out of Dewo on your own, it works even better with a team — particularly when it comes to reducing disruptive meetings! Invite your colleagues to join Dewo for a more focused working week.

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