Ever been so immersed in a task, you completely forget about time passing? So engaged, your ideas are non-stop? So wired, you feel like you’re at the top of your game? It’s called “flow” or “the zone”, and is something everyone can achieve regardless of the work they do. You know when you’re in a flow state — it’s that full-body kind of concentration to which nothing else quite compares. But flow can be hard to find. Sometimes we find it by accident, or we try to recreate the conditions that got us there, but can’t access it again.

It’s precisely why we’ve built Dewo — a tool which helps you regularly access, maximize and stay in your flow. Using machine learning, it dissects your productive patterns and actively helps you work smarter by automatically blocking notifications once you enter your flow, optimizing your calendar to allow for focused time and provide suggestions to increase your deep work.

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