Instant messaging apps are game-changers for modern teams, but their immediacy comes with a high cost for our productivity. A harmless Slack ping can suck you into solving new problems, introducing tangents into your workflow and distracting you from more important work. It's a textbook example of digital distraction and makes it impossible to focus fully on complex tasks.

Setting your Slack status to “Do Not Disturb” is an option, but that itself introduces an additional step on the way to deep work. Wouldn’t it be nice if it could just tell when you’re entering deep work and update your status for you? Enter Dewo!

Dewo’s Slack integration keeps an eye on your work patterns, and automatically sets your status to DND whenever you enter a flow state. It will also block any Slack notifications received while you’re in that deep work session, actively protecting you from distraction.

To get set up, head to Settings and click to connect Slack with Dewo:

By connecting Slack, you give Dewo permission to do the following:

  • View information about your identity

  • View profile details about people in your workspace

  • View custom emojis in your workspace

  • View people in your workspace

  • View email addresses of people in your workspace

  • View Do Not Disturb settings for people in your workspace

  • Edit your Do Not Disturb settings

  • Edit your profile information and status

Now Dewo can automatically set your Slack status and mute notifications whenever your enter deep work:

With Dewo’s protective force field in place, your team knows you’re in the zone and not to be disturbed. 🛡️ Once you end your session, Dewo will also automatically restore your open status and update you on any notifications you missed. ♻️ 

Note: Enabling DND manually from Dewo’s Assistant tab will also update your Slack status accordingly.

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