Need to update your Dewo account information? Just scroll to "Manage Account" under Settings — from here you can edit your profile, tweaking your name, email, password and profile picture. 

You can also adjust your time zone, choose your preferred date and time formats, and let Dewo know your general work structure — layout out when you typically start and end your work day, and take lunch.

To get started, click on Settings and scroll down to “Manage Account”, then click on “Edit Profile”:

Full name 🙋‍♀️

Edit the name that appears in your profile when you sign into Dewo; this is also the name other Dewo users will see when scheduling meetings with you.

Note: When typing out your name, only include alphabetical characters. If you have a middle initial you want to include, skip the period that would typically follow in order to save your changes, otherwise you’ll be shown an error message.

Profile picture 🖼

This will be the picture your team sees in Dewo as a meeting attendee. You can add or edit an existing profile picture by clicking your avatar image on the left-hand side of the page. 

If you already added a profile pic, you can Replace or Delete from here too.

Note: Picture dimensions must be at least 200x200 dimensions and less than 2MB.

Email address 📥 

Update or change the email address that you use to receive notifications from Dewo.

Sign in with Google ✏️ 

Make life easier by enabling Google Auth to sign in with Google! Once enabled, you can sign into Dewo in a couple of clicks — super convenient! Here’s more info on how that works.

Time zone 🌍

Be sure that your time zone is set properly so that you get notifications, meeting invites and rescheduled meetings at the right time.

Date format 🗓

Date formats are a bone of contention for international teams. Here you can choose your preferred format so you always know exactly what’s happening and on what day.

Time format

If you’re used to a 24- or 12-hour clock, we’ve got you covered. You can also switch between the two if you want to change things up!

Work start/end time 🏢 

Set your working hours so that meetings don’t get scheduled or rescheduled when you’re not at your computer.

Lunch start/end time 🥙

Make sure to let your team know when you’re taking your lunch! Telling Dewo helps to keep your breaks sacred, ensuring meetings never interrupt your rest.

Work days 🚧 

Weird schedule? No problem! Even if you work split schedules or non-consecutive days, you can set your work week in Dewo by using this format:


Remove whatever days you’re not in the office so meetings don’t get scheduled for when you’re not around! 🏖️ 

Change password 🔒 

It's good practice to change your password regularly. The “Change password” link will prompt you to enter and repeat a new password, then confirm the change with your current password:

Note: Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long. If you have Google Auth enabled, you won’t be able to change your Dewo password unless you disable that setting.

Delete me from Dewo

Finally, if you’re ready to leave Dewo, you can delete your account by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

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