Peeling out of the office on a Friday to get the weekend started is an entire mood, and we’re all here for it. But existential dread can quickly hit when you realize you’ve forgotten to log your hours for the week. Even if you’re close enough to turn back and log your time, when you’re already in weekend-mode, you are already very far away from the office. 

How do you get it out the way, without torpedoing your big mood with responsibility? Enter Timely for iOS for the save! Using our mobile app, you can quickly log those hours even as you’re sailing into your weekend plans. Get your time sheet signed, sealed and delivered so you can dive into much needed you-time! 🏖️ 

Create a new entry

To get started, tap the blue “+” button in the top-right corner of the “Hours” tab:

Add entry details

Tap “Note” to add info about what you worked on:

Tap on the project name to link your work to a specific project:

Categorize your work by adding tags:

Manually enter your hours or tap “Manage memories” to select any memories you want to add to the entry:

More actions

Below your logged time options are additional actions you can take to edit your entry:

  • Start a timer
  • Use “From & To” to set a timestamp for your entry
  • Tap “…” to add planned time or move the entry to another date


How do I delete an entry on iOS? Tap on an existing entry then tap the red trash can icon below your logged time. Tap “Delete entry” to confirm or “Cancel” if you want to keep that entry.

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