With Timely’s mobile apps, tweaking your profile while away from your computer is easy as pie! 🥧 

To get started, open the app then tap on “Profile” to get started:

From there, you can tap the pencil to edit your full name, email address and time zone:

Tap the arrow next to your name to show/switch between your workspaces. If you’re an Admin on your workspace, you can tap on “Workspace Settings” from the main profile screen to edit the workspace currency and workspace name:

Project notifications

Tap “Notifications” to view and manage all notifications you’ve received in Timely from your team (i.e. archived projects and budget updates). Tap the cog to view your specific notifications settings:

Timely integrations

The “Connect apps” tab gives you a list of apps with direct Timely integrations that you can set up on your mobile device:

Last but not least, if you have any questions at all, reach out to our Customer Success team by tapping Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help! 📥

Note: While you can update most of your profile information via our mobile apps, you’ll need to log into our web or desktop apps to do the following:

  • Update your Google Auth settings
  • Change your date format
  • Download and email your personal data

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