So you’ve been using Timely to track time with your team or company, but you really want to try it out just for yourself. Once you’ve been using the tool and gotten used to tracking your time, it totally makes sense to apply that to your side-hustle or anything else that needs to be tracked!

There’s no need to create a separate Timely account with a different email; you can just create a new workspace to start tracking tasks and projects for your personal ventures.

What is a workspace?

Within Timely, we refer to accounts as “workspaces”. Everything you and your team does in Timely takes place within a workspace: creating projects, creating time entries, running reports — the list goes on!

Creating a new workspace

To create a new workspace in Timely, first click on the logo in the top left corner while signed into Timely then click the button that says “Create New Workspace”:

You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can fill out your workspace details:

  • Name of workspace (enter your name or the name of your freelance business)
  • Currency (choose the currency that you use to bill your clients)
  • Company size (state how many people will be tracking time using the workspace)
  • Owner role (Define your role within this workspace)

Note: If you need to adjust any of this information later on, you can do so just by heading to Settings in your new workspace.

Click the green “Create Workspace” button and you’re finished!

Why would I need another workspace?

There are several situations where creating another workspace comes in handy. For instance, you might be a member of a big company that uses Timely, but you’d like to use Timely for your freelance business as well. You might be a member of a small freelancer team using Timely and you want to work on a separate project with different users while keeping your workspaces separate. Ultimately, additional workspaces allow you to create and separate the projects, reports and logged hours which don’t belong to another workspace.

Note: Any workspaces you create are linked to the email address you’re currently signed in with. If you can’t find a particular workspace, it may have been created while you were signed in with a different email address.

Do I need to pay for another workspace?

Creating a new workspace will start a new free 14-day trial of Timely. If you plan to continue using your new workspace once that trial has ended, you’ll need to select and purchase a subscription separate from the plan used on any other workspaces you’re a part of.

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