Simply having data doesn’t cut it in business these days. Where, when and how you get that  information can make a huge difference between making smarter choices faster and managing bottlenecks that bring work to a screeching halt. Timely now gives you several ways to stay notified about new activity in your workspace, so that no matter where you spend the most time, you’ll always be in the know!💡

Web feed 💻 

When using Timely on the web, you can find notifications by clicking on the bell icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen:

A badge will show up indicating that you have new or unread notifications to check in on. 🔴

Mobile feed 📱

For mobile users, you’ll find this information by tapping on Profile then Notifications:

While you won’t be able to interact with any notifications that have been greyed out (i.e. archived or deleted projects), tapping on notifications in bold will reveal their details. Once you’re up to speed, tap the green “Mark All Read” text to keep new notifications from getting mixed up with those you’ve already gone through. ✅

Memory feed 🧠

From your Desktop Memory app, notifications about your Timely workspace appear under the Notifications tab. This is the same information that’s available when you click the Notifications bell within your Timely account on web or on mobile:

You can also enable native macOS notifications by going to Settings > Notifications:

Disabling that setting will stop push notifications on your computer but you will still receive notifications in the feed via Memory and Timely (web or mobile).

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