User access levels define what information the different users on your account can access and edit. They are particularly important for when you want to keep your employees' hourly rates confidential.

When adding a new user, you'll be asked to assign them a user role. As an admin, you can also edit this after they have activated their account.

What the different user levels mean

1. Admin

Admins have full access to all Timely functionality, meaning they can:

  • Invite and delete users

  • Edit all users (including their hourly rates and the projects they can access)

  • Change global workspace settings

  • Access subscription information and the developer tab

  • Create, update and delete tags

  • Manage projects

  • Assign allowed or mandatory tags within a project

  • See project budget progress

  • Sees everybody's hours

  • Schedule and log other team members' hours

  • Access the Control feature to manage everyone's logged hours

2. Manager

Managers enjoy similar functionality but don’t have all the privileges of an Admin, meaning they can do the following only for the projects they are a part of*:

  • See, edit or log hours for anyone who belongs to the projects they are a part of, including logged time, planned time, projects or tags

  • Create projects

  • See a projects budget in Dashboard features

  • See all user activities for the projects they are a part of

  • See and manage all projects they are a part of

  • See logged/planned hours/money in Status, Hours, Planning, and Report tabs in the Individual Project page for all users

  • Mark hours as “billed” from the Hours tab in the Individual Project page

  • See hourly rates

  • Generate a report for projects they are a part of and for users who are part of the same projects as them

  • Remove tags from projects they manage

  • Assign “allowed” or “mandatory” tags within a project

If you’ve hidden hourly rates from a Manager, they:

  • Can see project time budget progress

  • Can update time budget values

  • Can create projects with a time budget

  • Cannot update a money budget value

  • Cannot create projects with a money budget

  • Cannot see nor update a user’s hourly rate

Crucially, they cannot invite or delete users regardless of whether or not they have hourly rates hidden.

3. Employee

This is the most restricted user level, and is mainly used to hide hourly rates from employees.

They can:

  • See their hours (in Hours, Projects and Reports). They will not see their own hourly rate or logged money for projects if "hide rates" is selected for them

  • See the projects they are invited to

They cannot:

  • Invite users

  • Edit or create company projects or clients

  • Edit details for any other user (e.g. the projects they have access to and hourly rates)

  • Create, manage or edit projects and tags

  • See project budget progress

  • Schedule other team member hours

  • Access the Settings page

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