Depending on where you are in the world, time is told differently. At Memory HQ, we’re used to the 24-hour clock but for our users in the US, that can sometimes be cumbersome to translate. By giving you the option to set your clock however you like we remove that hurdle, so the time you track stays accurate, recognizable and easy to navigate! ⏱️💨

To start, click your user photo in the bottom-left corner of the screen in Timely, then click Edit my Profile. From there, scroll down under until you find “Time format” where you can choose between a 24- and 12-hour clock:

Boom! You’re all set with your preferred time format when you go to set the From > To time when logging your hours in Timely!

Note: When using the 12-hour clock, Timely defaults single digit times to PM. If you’re looking to log time in the morning, simply type “a” after the digit for AM (i.e. “9a). The 24-hour clock also defaults single digits to time in the evening, so make sure to type a “0” in front if you’re logging time in the morning (i.e. “09”).

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