Timely is available as a web application in your browser, as well as a native app on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. We also recommend downloading our Memory apps for Mac and Windows to access Timely’s automatic time tracking features.

You can download all of our tools by clicking on your workspace logo in top-left corner of your screen in Timely:

If you’re not signed into your Timely account, you can find these downloads here: memory.ai/downloads

To ensure you're seeing the latest version of Timely with access to all your plan's features, we encourage to use one of our recommended browsers and check out Timely's OS requirements:

Timely on the web

You can use Timely in a tab or window while you use the web for other work, provided your device supports one of the following browser versions:

Chrome 57

Safari 10.1

Firefox 68

Opera 44

Microsoft Edge 17

Vivaldi 1.8

Timely on desktop

If you prefer using a native, standalone app, we've got you covered! Your computer will need to meet one of the following requirements in order to run our desktop app:

macOS: High Sierra (10.13) and above

Windows: Windows 8 and above

Timely on mobile

For Timely users on the go, we provide iOS and Android apps! 📱

Here's what you'll need to run Timely on those devices:

iPhone: iOS 12 and above

iPad: iOS 12 and above

Android: 5.0 and above


To capture activity from your computer while you work, you'll need to be running the following:

macOS: High Sierra (10.13) and above

Windows: Windows 8 and above

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