Whether you’re a freelancer reporting your taxes, or you’re synching accounting across different tools, Timely gives you on-demand access to your subscription invoices whenever you need them. 💵

Accessing your invoices

Start by heading to Settings > Subscriptions. From there, scroll down until you see “Payment History”:

There you’ll see all of your invoices — including invoice status and the amount paid or due (depending on the status) — and be able to download each as a PDF.

Note: A new invoice will be generated whenever your subscription renews, you change your plan or you add/remove users.

Adding VAT or tax information

Go to Settings, then click Subscriptions in the top navigation bar. In the middle of this page you'll see a field called “Extra invoice details” where you can add custom information to your invoices. Here you can add your tax number and any other information your accountant needs:

Note: you’ll need to be an Admin to add this information to your invoices. Once applied, all future invoices will then include this extra information. If you need to update a previous invoice, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and we’ll generate a revised version for you.

Understanding debits and credits

As you add new users or change subscription plans at different times during your billing period, you are charged pro rata for any time remaining between billing cycles. This means that on the invoice, you are credited for any unused time for any existing users, and charged for remaining time left until your next billing period for all users, including the new addition.

In this fictional example, a company decided to switch from the annual Business plan to the annual Small plan in the middle of their subscription period:

Since the company still had time remaining on their yearly Business subscription, they were credited the unused balance ($1582.82). But since their switch date (18th September) falls before the subscription’s renewal date, the cost of using their new plan for the remainder of their original billing period ($582.52) was deducted from their credit.

The difference ($1000.30) was then applied to this workspace’s account so when their subscription renews (or if they add additional users), those charges will be withdrawn from the credit.

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