Tag lists help you organize your work into clean, logical categories for easy billing and project management.

We've put together a quick-start guide to adding tag lists to projects and some suggestions to help simplify your reporting and analysis.

Adding tag lists to projects

Apply a tag list to projects by selecting the tag dropdown menu under "Tags" on the "Edit Project" page:

When you create or edit a project, you can assign or remove any tag lists or tags from the project. Click "Add existing tag list" to view the tag lists you've created by going to Settings > Tags or "Create new list" to add a new tag list on the fly:

Note: If you create a new tag list while within a project, you will need to recreate that tag list in your global tag management system before it can be used with other projects.

Once you have selected a tag list, determine if you'd like all tags under that tag list to be available by using the check boxes. If you accidentally add a tag you'd like just use the "X" on the right-hand-side of the tag to remove it from being an option:

The assigned tags will only show up when you create an entry for that specific project:

Required tags

You can also require certain tag lists to be used when logging time by selecting "Add existing tags" and making sure the "Required" slider is switched on:

Note: When tags are required on a project, you will not be able to save your entry until you have applied the required tags for that entry.

Now anyone on that project will only be able to see and use the tags you've specified!

Our recommendations

See time spent by activity

Set up a tag list called 'Activities', and add tags for each activity within a project:

Once your team starts logging time using these tags, you'll be able to run a report in Timely that gives you a breakdown of which activities your team spends most of its time:

See time spent by project stage

Set up a tag list called 'Phase' and add your project stages as tags:

Set up administrative tags

Setting up administrative projects is a great way to manage all employee activity unrelated to external Clients and Projects. Setting up admin tags allows you to manage vacation and sick leave in Timely:

See time spent by location

If you often work on-the-go, it might be helpful to set up a tag list with the various locations of work:

Tags can be set up in endless way to best suit your needs. If you've found any other useful ways to use tags which could help others, we'd love to hear about them!


What happens if I assign new tags to a project that already has existing tags?

Tags will only apply going forward. Tags will not automatically apply retroactively to all previous entires.

Where can I see all the time I've logged for each tag?

All hours logged on a tag can be viewed in the Reports section. Learn more on how you can generate a report on your tags.

Can I bulk update several hours with a tag in one go?

Absolutely! Bulk updating your hours is great for when you need to apply a particular tag to many hours for several different users all at once. We've got two great articles on how you can update entries from within a project or using reports to help set you on your way! 🚀

Note: You can also bulk delete hours if you need to. We recommend that you use this feature carefully, since once you delete hours you cannot get them back!

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