Deep work’s greatest enemy is distraction, plain and simple. The stray Slack message, the new email notification, the work app phone push — these seemingly innocuous pings can completely break your focus, introducing an attention residue that stops you being fully present in your work.

Enter: Dewo Sessions — distraction-free spaces for maximizing deep work. Starting a Dewo Session will silence notifications across all your Dewo-enabled devices, creating a protective force field around you and your work. If you’ve connected Slack, your status will also change so people on your team will see that you’re “Working deeply via Dewo”.

Once a Dewo Session ends, Dewo will show any pings you missed and analyze your productive performance – quantifying exactly how much deep work you got in your session. To get an idea of how deeply you worked throughout the day, just review your Dewo Session stats to see how many were toggled and for how long.

By default, Dewo will automatically start and end Dewo Sessions for you, by using AI to detect when you enter and leave deep work states. You can also manually start and end sessions from Dewo’s Assistant tab, immediately locking your focus whenever a new deep work opportunity presents itself. Clicking on the dropdown here also lets you manage Dewo’s deep work auto-detection.

Whether you let Dewo take the lead or manually start your own session, jump into deep work with both feet without worrying about managing expectations or getting distracted.

Note: Mac users need to set a special keyboard shortcut for this to work. See here:

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