Friday arrives and you’re at the end of a week where nothing has gone right. The bathtub has overflowed, your coffee order has been made wrong more than once and you’ve logged all your hard-worked hours under the wrong project with the wrong tags. Visions of precious weekend hours spent transferring each logged hour individually to the correct project and updating tags flash before your eyes.

Not for long. Bulk actions in Timely mean that you can update those projects and tags quickly and easily, leaving the bathtub and coffee as your only concerns heading into the weekend.

Bulk updating tags

The way you gather entries you want to edit in Timely will depend on the way they're grouped. You’ll also have the option of pulling this information from an individual project’s “Timesheet” tab or from within the Reports tab in Timely.

There is an "All untagged" preset within your filters which lets you search for all untagged entries. If you need to narrow things down, you can also search for entries against these Timely properties:

  • Clients & Projects

  • Users

  • Tags

  • Projects Only

  • Clients Only

You can either click on entries individually or filter by user, project or tag name to select a group of entries. Once the necessary entries have been selected in your report, click the "Update tags" button, search for the tag that needs to be added and click the "Update" button to finish. This will replace all selected entries with the new tags; any existing tags on the entries will be replaced.

Here's how that looks in action:

Bulk mark hours as “Billed”

If you need to update the status of hours as either “Billed” or “Unbillled”, you can use the same steps to group your entries. Either narrow them down using the chart options above, or filter all entries within a timeframe by "Billed Only" or "Unbilled Only".

From there, click either "Billed" or "Unbilled" to make your changes, then click "Update" to finish:

Bulk updating projects

You can move hours in bulk from one project to another either from an individual project page or from within Timely’s Reports tab.

From within an individual project, first click the “Timesheets” tab and filter for the user for whom you’ll be moving the hours. Either use the checkbox at the top of the chart to select all hours or check off the individual entries you want to update. Once you have all the hours you need to move selected, click “Update Project” and choose the destination for these hours, then click “Update” to make the change:

Note: You can only move hours from one project to another for one user at a time. If there are multiple users that need hours moved, you’ll need to repeat these steps for each user individually.

If you know that a number of hours have been logged to the wrong project over a period of time, you can also create a custom report in Timely to filter for those specifically by date.

Tip: To make the set-up as easy as possible, we’d recommend filtering for one user at a time.

With your filters set-up, add a new Projects widget to the report as a table. From there, use the checkbox at the top of the table or select individual entries then click “Update Project” to find a new home for these entries and click “Update” to send them on their way:

Note: There are additional limitations to consider with these bulk actions:

  • The user you’re moving entries for has to be a part of the project you’re trying to send the hours to.

  • Tags and projects cannot be updated in bulk at the same time.

  • If you’ve already marked your entries as “Billed”, they cannot be moved. An Admin will need to unmark the hours as “Billed” before moving them to a new project. If they’ve been invoiced with QuickBooks Online, the invoice they’re associated with will need to be voided to release the hours.

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