Want to track the time you spend on all your daily Git commits? Connect Github with Timely's Memory tracker to do it automatically for you while you work!

How it works

  • Timely records all commits from public repositories
  • Timely records all commits from private repositories if you are the owner or admin of a particular repository

Close up of  a Github memory in Timely

Hover over the memory to view details of the commits

Connect GitHub with Timely

Head to the App tab in your Timely Settings page.

Select the GitHub application and click "Connect new account to Timely."

Authorize Timely to access your GitHub account.

Make sure to confirm set-up by entering your password if you're not already logged into GitHub!

Once confirmed, you'll be brought back to the App page where it will show your connected account. 

You're all set up and ready to track all the time you spend on commits!

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