Are you drowning in a sea of tasks and only want certain ones to show up for certain projects? Then you definitely need to use Tag lists!

How do I apply tag lists to a project?

Apply Tag Lists to projects by selecting the tag dropdown menu under Tags on the "Edit Project" page. 

Decide which tag should we used on a project

When you create or edit a project you can assign or remove any tag from the project. The Project Tag list (shown below) displays a list of all the tag lists you have ever created in your tag management system.

Once you have selected a tag list, determine if you'd like all tags under that tag list to be allowed by using the check boxes. If you accidentally add a tag you'd like just use the "X" on the right-hand-side of the tag to remove it from being an option.

The assigned tags will only show up when you create an entry for that specific project

Require tags for certain projects

You can also require certain tag lists to be used on projects by selecting "Add Tag List to Project" > Toggling on the Required button.

When tags are required on a project, you will not be able to save your entry until you have applied the required tags for that entry.

Now anyone on that project will only be able to see and use the tags you've specified! Way to go. 👏

Other Related Questions

What happens if I assign new tags to a project that already has existing tags?

Tags will only apply going forward. Tags will not automatically apply retroactively to all previous entires.

See also Creating & Managing Tags

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